Encyclopedia of MATLOCK/MEDLOCKs ~ W

W.F., married 1 January 1871 in Fannin Co., Texas - Henrietta D. Boon.
W.H., shown Co4 B. 8th Mo. Inf. as a Pvt. C.S.A.
W.R. "Ross", b. 15 Dec. 1892 son of Francis "Monroe" and Augusta "Gussie" Coats Matlock. Married Fidelia Ann Williams, b, about 1909 in Alto, Texas dau. of Billy and Mollie Stewart Williams, Ross died 6 July 1969 and his wife died 4 May 1939. Both are buried in Helpenstell Cemetery, Nacogdoches, Co., Tx.
W.S., married 12 Sept. 1861 in Grayson Co., Tx. - Mary B. Baker.
WALTER, was a witness to a deed in Madison Co., Ala. in 1836.
WASHINGTON T., b. ca 1844 in Miss. according to 1860 census of Hempstead Co., Ark. Mother was Christina.
WESLEY, b. 1846 in Virginia according to 1850 census of Lee Co. Virginia. Parents listed were Charles and Mary Matlock.
WESLEY MEDLOCK, ba ca 1815 in S.C. according to 1850 Laurens Co., S.C. census. Wife listed was Nancy.
WEST, b. ca 1835 in Mo. Shown in 1850 and 1860 census of Carroll Co., Ark. Parents seem to be William and Milla Matlock. Wife shown as Eliza. Two children shown: Louisa, b. ca 1854 and Ennis b. ca 1859 both in Ark.
WEST WALKER, b. ca 1817 (tombstone says born 1779; died July 7, 1886, age 72 yrs., 4 mo. and 18 days. He was the son of John and Eleanor Matlock. He married 23 Feb. 1840 Levina Trumbull. Three children: John Matthias, Elizabeth and Alida. West Walker died 7 July 1886 in Yorkville, Illinois.
WILL, The Cemetery records of Humphries Co., Tn. show a Martha Ann Choate b. 17 June 1871, died 2O Dec. 1947 daughter of Will and Poppy Choate Matlock. This daughter married James Perry Choate.
WILLIAM, baptized 1702 New Kent Co., Va. son of John Medlock. Because many of us believe we descendfrom this William I am listing below references which seem to apply to this rnan.
1734 Bought land from Martin King in Goochalnd Co., Va.
1736 Sold land to Robert Bruce - Goochland Co., Va.
1738 Sold land to Wm. Witt (John Madlock married Judah Witt in Goochland Co. 1756)
1738 Sold land to Richard Mullins - same Co. 1744 Sold land to Richard Brown - same Co.
1744 Sold, land to Henry Nash - same Co.
1752 A William is shown in Albemarle Co., Va.
1754 William files suit against Cornelius Rowe in Halifax Co., Va. (Moore was here at this time)
1762 William sold on Stonewall Creek, Bedford Co. Va. 1769
The inventory of the estate of William was filed in Bedford
Co., Va. In 1770 and 1772 David Matlock of Pittsylvania Co. sold land in Bedford Co., Va.
W. MATLOCK, mail carrier - Postal schedule: Sparta (White Co. Tenn) to Huntsville (Ala.) November 1, 1814 to December 1, 1816. Leave every Monday f. Arrive Saturday 6 a.: Sparta McMinville, Winchester, Hickory Flats and Huntsville. For this he received $125 per month.
WILLIAM MATLOCK, b. 1648 Cropwell Bishop Nottingham England. Came to America (N.J.) 1677 on the Kent. He was a carpenter and a Quaker. He married 1682 Mary Hancock who came to America in 1681 on the Paradise. They both died in 1728. They had nine children, John, George, Mary, William, Joseph, Richard, Timothy, Sarah and Jane. There are many of the descendants of this couple living today.
WILLIAM (Sr ), b. ca 1755, wife Sarah. Lived Roane Co., Tn. and moved to Indiana early. He died 1829 in Ind. Their children: James.D., Mary, John Sheppard, William, Jr., Thomas Henry Nancy, George, Rosannah, Joanah, Jesse and David.

The following is a compilation of data received from Mr. Leonard McGee, Mrs. Virginia Zeboski, Mr. Thomas Matlock, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hammill, Mrs. Blanche Matlock, Mrs. Joan Kirwan and others, all descendants of William, Sr. (link to miscellaneous records)
There are many contradictions on the dates of the early generations. For instance, Nancy, below is shown on one record as being born in 1792 and in another as late as 1819! I have no records to prove or disprove. I will do my best to point out all views. There will be lots of probables and possibles. (JNA)
Much research has been done on this family but efforts to find a definite link beyond William, Sr. have thus far been in vain. He seems to be definitely identified in 1801 when his name appears on a petition to form Roane Co., Tn. The wife's name was Sarah but her surname is unknown. William, Sr. died in Morgan Co., Ind. in 1829. A will seems to have been filed but is missing. The children, as evidenced by deeds after his death, seem to have been.
[1.1] William Matlock, Jr.
[1.2] James
[1.3] David
[1.4] John
[1.5] Mary
[1.6] Thomas Henry
[1.7] Nancy
[1.8] Joannah
[1.9] Jesse
[1.10] George
[1.11] Rosannah
Born ca 1782. A marriage record in Knox Co., Tn. shows he married Nancy Kitchen in 1801. She obviously died young because in 1803 in Roane Co., Tn. he married Sarah Walker, daughter of George and Eleanor Hicks Walker. She was born 1784 in North Carolina. They went to Indiana about 1812. William died in November, 1826. His will which is recorded in Will Book A, page 32, Monroe Co., Ind. was proved November 18, 1826 and named his wife and seven children:
[1.1.1] George W. Matlock
[1.1.2] John W. Matlock
[1.1.3] Charlotte Matlock
[1.1.4] David Matlock
[1.1.5] Malinda Matlock
[1.1.6] James Matlock
[1.1.7] Mary Ann Matlock
[1.1.1] George W. Matlock , born ca 1804 (from tombstone) in Roane Co., Tn., d. 28 Aug 1872 – 73 years old (1799) married in Monroe Co., Ind. Anna Young, born ca 1804 in Va. Died 21 Aug 1877, age 70 (1807) They had the Following children:
[] John, born 19 November 1828 in Monroe Co., Ind., married 1 August, 1849 Martha Glenn, born Charleston SC 10 Sept. l828. They went to              Illinois early. He died ca 1885 and she died in 1912. They had the following children:
[] William
[] Sarah
[] Mary
[] Belle married a Smallwood
[] Vira
[] Charles
[] Maggie married a Mountjoy
[] James, born ca 1831. Went to Illinois with John above
[] Calvin, born ca 1833
[] Irvin F., born ca 1835 (Dr.) Practiced in Ill. and Spearsville, Ind. Buried in Johnson Co.
[] Eliza, born ca 1837, married a Whitsell
[] Paris, born 21 October 1841, died 7 June 1917 (from tombstone records sent by Thomas Matlock), married Margaret Elizabeth Paul, born  15 October 1856, died 15 August 1923. They had the following children:
[] James Henry, born 5 March, 1884, married Nellie Smith and had Margaret E., Maude E. and James Thomas. James married (2) Marjorie Himble. He died 1 Feb. 1956
[] Charles, born 8 Sept.1878, married Maude Thornton and had Mary Elizabeth, Martha Louise (died at birth), Dorothey Lucille, Wilma Jane and George Paris. Charles died 6 March 1956.
[] Sarah born ca 1845 married Lidge Knight
[] Mary Jane "Janie", born ca 1847 never married, died 1917.
[1.1.2] John W. (one source says Walker) Matlock married Sarah Hinkle 24 Jan.1830 in Monroe Co., Ind. The 1840 Census Monroe Co. indicates that they  had 5 children, all under 10. He married (2) Jemima or Jessamine Ward 28 Dec. 1849. The 1850 Ind. census index shows a John W. in Johnson Co., but I do  not have figures. They are shown on page 237
[1.1.3] Charlotte Matlock married 22 April 1828 in Morgan Co., Ind. Henry W. Brazeale
[1.1.4] David Matlock married 2 Dec. 1832 Sarah Huff
[1.1.5] Malinda Matlock married 4 Oct. 1838 Monroe Co., Indiana William Hooper
[1.1.6] James M. Matlock married 24 March, 1841 Eveline Hensley In Monroe Co., Indiana
[1.1.7] Mary Ann Matlock , born ca 1825 married 19 Sept. 1842 Monroe Co., Indiana West C. Walker. Their children: Charlotte and William.
Since this is Mr. McGees ancestor, I will take information from his family sheets:
James Matlock died before Aug. 19, 1832 in Danville, Indiana. Wife was Rosannah Wood, died after 1832 probably Danville.
[1.2.1] Sarah
[1.2.2] Matilda (married James M.Gregg)
[1.2.3] Rosannah married ([2] John Dunn). died 8 June 1842
[1.2.4] William (married Eliza Jane McVey)
[1.2.5] Eliza (married first John Holland and then Arthur 0. White)
[1.2.6] Mary Ann (married Wm. Mahon Blake), James W. (married Sarah Caywood)
Mr. McGee's note: The above children appear to belong to James and Rosannah Wood Matlock. James died interstate and there is list of his children, altho I am certain that Rosannah Dunn, Matilda Gregg and William W. are his children. Mr. Heiss and I have determined by process of elimination that these are some of the eleven children of James Matlock. James was a tavern keeper and Rosannah, his wife or daughter, kept the place after his death. Later it was kept by William W. Matlock. David, his brother and William W., his son, were administrators of his estate. William was also guardian of his sister's chilren. Matilda Gregg was caring for Rosannah's daughter, Eliza Jane Dunn (my grandmother) in 1850. Rosannah's death record comes from the doctor's bill. Eliza, daughter of James, married first John Holland and then Arthur 0. White. Rosannah Matlock and John Dunn had: James, Eliza Jane (married Hiram White) and Mary Ann. Rosannah had a daughter, Minerva by her first marriage.
According to the 1850 census of Hendricks Co., Ind. [1.2.4] William W. and wife, Eliza Jane had:
[] James M. 9
[] Susan 6
[] David M. 3
[] Wm. A. 3
[] female 4/12
[1.3] DAVID MATLOCK , born 20 October, 1788 (Thomas also says he was born 1788), died 10 March 1861, buried South Cemetery, Danville, Ind. Married ca 1808 in Roane Co., Tn., Nancy Agnes Lee, daughter of Wm. and Sarah McMillen Lee. She was born 16 April, 1789 in SC, died 15 November 1854. They had the following children:
[1.3.1] William Lee Matlock, born 15 Sept., 1809, married in 1836 Nancy Maria Hadley. Died 1851. The 1850 census of Hendricks Co., Ind. shows:
[1.3.1] William L. Matlock 40 & Nancy M. 35
[] David 14
[] James 12
[] Jessee 10
[] Julia A. 7
[] Allen R. 5
[] Mary 3
[] William L. 6/12
[1.3.2] Sarah Matlock
[1.3.3] Jessee T. Matlock, born 19 October, 1813, married 5 Aug. Cynthia Ann Hinton. (One record I have says Jessee Lee).
The 1850 Hendricks Co., Ind. census records show:
[1.3.3] Jesse T. Matlock 36 7 Cynthia 37
            [] John 0. 15
            [] Sarah.V. 12
            [] Samantha 7
            [] Leander 4
            [] and nameless female 1
[1.3.4] John Wesley L. Matlock born 2 December 1820 married Julia Ann Schuyler in 1846. They appear in the 1850 census records but no children are shown.
[1.3.5] Mary Jane Matlock born 5 Jan. 1826 married 1846 David Wilson.
[1.4] JOHN MATLOCK, born 14 July 1772 or 1779 (tombstone shows 1779), married ca 1801 in Roane Co., Tn. to (1) Eleanor. Married (2) Polly Oatman. Went to Kendall Co., Ill. about 1835. Died August 1848, buried Pavillion Cemetery in Kendall Co. Mr. Hammill notes that one of John's descendants thinks that John may have died and been buried in Chicago, with a gravestone in his memory placed in the old Pavilion Cemetery, near Yorkville. John and Eleanor had the following children:
[1.4.1] Rev. Thomas Jefferson
[1.4.2] James Burton
[1.4.3] William Tyndall
[1.4.4] Margaret married Simon Oatman. Died at 38 Fox River, Illinois
[1.4.5] Sarah married 25 April 1829 William Paul. Died at 39 Fox River, Illinois
[1.4.6] John Shepherd
[1.4.7] West Walker
[1.4.8] George Washington (Dr.), wife, Martha went to California. No further record
[1.4.9] Rev. David, born 16 Feb1819 near Bloomington, Ind. died 2 Sept. 1878 Union Co., Ill.
[1.4.10] Joseph Hawkins, Judge of Wabash Co., Ind., born 10 Jan. 182I Monroe Co., Ind. Married 1844 (1) Almira Ballard and married (2) a Mrs. Allen. Died 29 Dec. 1878 in Monticello, Ind.
[1.4.11] (By Polly Oatman) Henry Harrison, married 31 Oct. 1858 Kendall Co., Ill. Theressa Pettit. Died 10 June, 1901 Leavenworth, Kansas V.A. facility. He was a Civil War Veteran.
Further information on children of JOHN MATLOCK:
[1.4.1] Rev. Thomas Jefferson Matlock, born 1801/03 in Tennessee. Married 11 Sept. 1823 Nancy Ballard (1803/75). Disciples minister Ind., Ill. and Mo. He died 1865 in Kahoka, Clark Co., Mo. Their children:
[] Susan Laura
[] Margaret
[] G. Corydon
[] John H. Vernon
[] Nancy I.
[] Charles B.
[] Sarah
The census records of Clark Co., Mo. for 1860 show (NOTE: out of age order in census, I have put them in likely order):
[1.4.1] T. J. Matlock 57 minister b. Tn. & Nancy 56 b. N.C.
[] Susan 26
[] Corydon H. 21 b. Ind.
[] Vernon A. 20 b. Ind.
[] Charles B. 15 b. Ill.    
[] Sarah E. 2/12
ALSO: Household of Turner: Sarah E. Matlock 23 b. Ind.; Household of Foster: John Matlock 30 b. Ind.
The census records of Clark Co., Mo. for 1880 show:
[] Vernon A. Matlock, 39 b. Ind. & Lottie H. 32 b. Ill.
[] John F. 10 b. Ill.
[1.4.2] James Burton Matlock born 18 March 1804 married Susan Asher of Ky. James Burton died 9 Sept. Lawrence Co., Mo. They had two children:
[] Isabella Ventress
[] Columbus
[1.4.3] William Tyndall Matlock, born 4 February 1806 in Tennessee. Lived in Tn. Ind. and Oregon. Married 8 Sept. 1825 Elizabeth Jane Ballard, daughter of William and Mary Ramsay Ballard, born 9 March 1807 in Ohio. William Tyndall died 19 Sept. 1872 in Clackamas, Oregon. His wife died 12 April 1884. Both are buried in Clackamas. Their children:
[] Louisa, born 30 Sept. 1826 Hendricks Co., Ind. died 13 Aug. 1839. Unmarried
[] Ellen, born 8 Feb. 1829 Hendricks Co., Ind., married 13 Jan. 1854 Wylie Chapman, Clackamas, Oregon. Died 17 Nov. 1891, Clackamas
[] Noah Noble, born 12 April 1831 Hendricks Co., Ind., married 29 Dec. 1839.Sarah C. Craghead in Clackamas.Their children:
[] Charles Orville "Charlie", born 28 Sept. 1860 Clackamas, Ore., married 1888 Elsie Viola Iller, died 15 June, 1924 Oakland, Ca., buried Clackmas
[] Claude Craghead, born 28 Sept. 1863 Clackamas, married 30 Sept. 1894 Mary Meiggs Churchhill, died 25 Dec. 1939 San Francisco, Ca.
[] Carey Noble, born 15 Sept. 1865 Clackamas, Ore., married 2 April, 1889 Cora Maulding, died 10 May 1942 Clackamas, Ore.
[] Grant Carl, born 9 Feb. 1867 Clackamas, Ore., married 6 May 1903 Percie S. Dickinson, died 28 April 1940 in Portland, Oregon.
[] Ruth Inez (Mrs. Hammill's mother), born 7 July 1871, Clackamas, married 11 Aug. 1896 Daniel L. Dutton, died 27 Oct. 1954 Salem, Oregon
[] Agnes Pearl "Aggie", born 21 Dec. 1872, Clackamas Ore., never married, died 13 Jan 1946 Portland, buried Clackamas
[] William Theodore "Will", born 14 Jan. 1875 in Clackamas, married 15 Sept. 1898 Lodema A. Gibson. Died 1945 in California.
[] Lillian Louisa "Dot", born 6 March 1877 in Clackamas married 30 June 1909 Albert B. Smith, no children, died 2 June 1937 Portland, Oregon
[] Merle Elmo, born 5 April 1880 Salem, Oregon, married 23 June 1909 Elese M. Just, died 26 Sept. 1943 Ukiah Calif., buried in Clackamas
[] Amanda Jane Matlock, born 5 August 1833 Hendricks Co., Ind., married 6 Jan. 1852 Samuel L. Campbell, died 12 Feb. 1864 in Clackamas, Oregon
[] Clinton, born 22 June 1836 Hendricks Co., Ind. died at age 1
[] Theodore J., (real name Frilinghiysen which he dropped and took the middle initial J.), born 16 Mar. 1840 Hendricks Co., Ind, married 28 May, 1861 Hopie Ann Craghead, died 29 Sept. 1900 in Los Angeles, Ca.
[] Alonzo, born 16 Sept.1843 Hendricks Co., Ind. died 14 March 1848 Marion Co., Ore. at age 3
[] Almira Marice "Mira", born 6 Dec. 1845 Hendricks Co., Ind., married 22 July 1870 Freeman W. Youmans, died 22 May 1891 in Clackamas, Oregon.
[1.4.6] John Shepherd Matlock of Wabash Co., Ind. (Mrs. Zeboski’s line) born 16 Feb. 1812 near Knoxville, Tn., Married 26 August, 1836 Mary Banta Cassatt, died 11 Sept. 1879 Wabash Co., Ind. Their children:
[] Thomas Jefferson
[] Emma (Mrs. Beck's line)
[] Mary
[1.4.7] West Walker Matlock, born 1817, married 23 Feb., 1840 Levina Trumbo. West Walker died 7 July 1886 in Kendall Co., Ill. Some of his descendants live there yet. Children of West Walker and Levina Matlock:
[] John Mathias, born 1846, died 1922
[] Elizabeth
[] Alida
[1.5] MARY MATLOCK married in 1794 in NC Thomas Littleton (probably the part that is now Tennessee). In 1797 moved to Hawkins Co., Tn. and later lived in Roane Co., Tn. They had a son, James.
[1.6] THOMAS HENRY MATLOCK, born, according to census records 1788 in Tennessee. Married Elizabeth Rodgers of Perry Co., Ala. Thomas fought in the War of 1812 from Ala. (Miss. Terr.). A James, presumably his brother who later went to Ind., is listed in the 1816 census of Clarke Co., Ala. Thomas is listed in Clarke Co. 1830, 1840 and 1850. There is no census for 1820. He went to Houston Co., Tx. in the 1850s and was dead by 1860. Two known children:
[1.6.1] William Rodgers, born 24 July, 1823, married Mary A. King, died 8 Feb. 1864, fought in Civil War. Their children:
[] Thomas died at age 59
[] Maria
[] Emma
[] William
[] Willie King (female)
[] Joseph Graham
[1.7] NANCY MATLOCK married William Kitchens. No further information.
[1.8] JOANNAH (ANNA) MATLOCK married 1813 Roane Co., Tenn. Charles Kitchen, died 27 Jan. 1834 Morgan Co., Ind. They had the following children:
[1.8.1] Sarah Ann, b. ca.1813 Tn., married George Walker 1829
[1.8.2] Lankford Russel, b. ca 1814
[1.8.3] James, b. ca 1818, married Cynthia Noble 1842
[1.8.4] George, b. ca 1820, married Elizabeth 1840
[1.8.5] William, b. ca 1822 in Tn., married 10 Dec. 1844 in Roane Co., Tn. Margaret Persallie. This William Matlock is shown on the census records of Yell Co., Ark. In 1850 and 1860. In 1880 he is shown in Hood Co. Texas. His son stated that William and Margaret had seven sons and one daughter:
[] Martin Cleveland, born 25 Dec. 1845 Roane Co., Tn., married Sallie Walters 3 Sept. 1885 Glenrose, Texas and had the following children:
[] Mollie married S.A. Waltrip B. 1886
[] William, b. 21 Jan. 1888, unmarried
[] Ivy, b. 3 Oct. 1890, married R.E. Holland
[] Ava, b. 24 Jan. 1893, unmarried
[] Martin, Jr., b. 27 June 1895, married Lois Dean
[] John C., b. 26 Oct. 1897, married Nannie Parseley
[] Maggie, b. 28 Aug. 1900 married Willie Massey
[] James P., born ca 1847, unmarried
[] Jesse married Ruth Persolee (probably same surname as Margaret and Nannie above)
[] John B. - a bachelor
[] Richard - a bachelor
[] unnamed son
[] unnamed son
[] Lucinda J.
[1.8.6] David C., b. ca 1824, married Charlotte Pointer 1850. 4 marr.
[1.8.7] Nancy, b. ca 1827
[1.8.8] Stephen, b. ca 1829, married Selema Tincher 1852
[1.8.9] Rebecca, b. ca 1832 , married James Stutesman
[1.8.10] Francis, b. ca 1834
(Joan Kirwan descends from this line.)
[1.9] JESSE MATLOCK , born 6 March 1896 in Tennessee. Married 5 April 1821 Eleandor McPherson. Jesse died 6 July 1877 and his wife died 6 July 1883. In a newspaper article, descendants of this couple who still live in Louden Co. (once a part of Roane Co.) give only four children for Jesse and Eleandor:
[1.9.1] John C., born 1828, married Mary Jane Oliphant. They remained in Tennessee. John C. died 1907 and his wife died in 1928. Their children.
[] James J. "Jim"
[] Bruce
[] Willie
[] Sally
[] John S. "Sam"
[] Edna
[] Robert Frank
[] Caladonia
[] Lavina E. "Ella?
[] Mary J.
[] Minnie 0. "Ola?
[] Lois M.
[1.9.2] James - died in Civil War
[1.9.3] Elizabeth
[1.9.4] Thomas - reportedly went to Texas but I find no further record
Census and other records indicate that there were also:
[1.9.5] William
[1.9.6] Martin C.
[1.9.7] Jackson
[1.9.8] Sarah Eleando
[1.10] GEORGE MATLOCK (typed from material sent by Blanche H. Matlock.) George Matlock was born about 1790. He married Sarah Lee in Co., Tn. They went to Indiana with other members of his family. They owned property in several counties. It was just the Territory of Indiana when they came there. They bought two 80 acres of land, from the U. S. government making 160 acres in Hendricks Co. and then they bought and sold lots of land besides this. George ended up running an inn or tavern in Danville. This seemed to be when he started having trouble with his wife. He went to Tennessee and stayed for about a year and when he came back, he was killed in an affray with his brother-in-law, Samuel K. Barlow. He died 25 Oct. 1826. George and Sarah had the following children:
[1.10.1] Thomas Matlock was evidently born in Tn. He never married but inherited some of the land when his father died. He died young in Marion Co., Ind.   24 Feb. 1835. He left his land and worldly good to his beloved mother, Sarah Matlock, and his little brother, George W Matlock. (This made guardianship papers necessary)
[1.10.2] Susan Matlock married Aaron Marshall 31 Jan. 1828 in Hendricks Co., Ind.
[1.10.3] Nancy Matlock married George W. Carson 7 Oct. 1829 in Hendricks Co., Ind.
[1.10.4] Matilda Matlock married William B. Thompson 15 Oct. 1836 in Hendricks Co., Ind. She was on the guardianship papers too. She was with her mother and stepfather, John and Sarah Thompson in Lee County, Iowa in 1850 with her children.
(Editor's note: it is my understanding that Sarah Lee Thompson went to Oregon with her sister and brother in-law, Susannah and Samuel Barlow it was he who killed Sarah's husband, George Matlock)
[1.10.5] George W. Matlock , born Feb. 1825 in Danville, Hendricks Co., Ind. He married Martha L. Hughes 13 March 1845 in Lee Co., Iowa. George went to Lee Co., Iowa as a young boy with his mother and step-father. After he married he bought land in Lee Co. In 1849 he went to California (Gold Rush) and died there 20 Oct. 1851. Martha L. Hughes Matlock born 3 Sept., 1826 in Ohio. After George W. died in California, she remarried first to Joel Smith and they had one daughter, Sarah and Joel Smith died the first year they were married and Martha remarried again this time to William H. Perry and they had quite a number of children. Martha died in LaManda Park, California 1 De. 1916. She lived to be 90 years old and outlived all her children by Matlock except Martin Luther. George W. and Martha Hughes Matlock had the following children:
[] Thomas Jefferson Matlock born 5 Feb. 1846 in Fort Madison, Lee Co., Iowa, married Mary Thompson 26 March 1868 in Iowa. He died 19 Feb. 1911 in National City, Calif. They had the following children:
[] Lena Francis
[] Nellie M.
[] George Martin
[] Alice M.
[] Thomas T.
[] Jasper Newton Matlock, born 10 March 1847 in Fort Madison, Lee Co., Iowa, married Clara Ingersoll 29 Oct. 1868. He died 9 May 1908 in Kansas City, Kansas. They had the following children:
[] Norris Pearl
[] George Raymond
[] Sadie Inez
[] Ella Eugenia
[] Maude Mable
[] Ernest Munroe
[] Martin Luther Matlock, born 16 April, 1849 at Fort Madison, Lee Co., Iowa. He married Laura Isabelle Dixon 11 July 1809 (they were later divorced). He died 12 Dec. 1933 in Montrose, Colorado. They had the following children:
[] Millie Astell married Cal Lewis
[] Clinton Thomas, b. 5 Dec. 1878 Union Co., Iowa, d. 18 Aug. 1937 Colo. married Anna Eliza Campbell 1905. They had 9 children including Raymond LeRoy who married Blanche Haskell. They have sons Clinton Thomas and Raymond Duane
[] Jessie Viola married Charles Blumberg
[1.11] ROSANNAH MATLOCK, married 26 August 1812 David Brazeale in Roane Co., Tn. (no further information).
Following are copies of letters, census records, and other data pertaining to the descendants of William Matlock, Sr., which in part verifies information already given.
Pleas before the honorable Methuel F. Morris, Present Judge of the fifth Judicial Circuit of the State of Indiana and James Donard and Samuel Jessup, Associate Judges fo the Hendricks Circuit Court at the Court House in Danville on the twenty-fifth of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven.
On Indictment for Manslaughter
Be it remembered that heretofore to-wit: on the twenty-fourth day of February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twentyseven, the grand jurors at February term of the Hendricks Circuit
Court namely John Cook, Joseph Hiatt, John Hannah, Elisha Kise, Josiah Jones, Thomas Gilbert, John, Claypool, William Fowler, Daniel B, Tryon, Eli Morris, Edward Hobson, Noah Bateman, Job Osborn, Harmon Hiatt, James Logan who had been legally summoned by the Sheriff and sworn and charged by the Court, now returned into the Court the following Bill of Indictment to-wit:
August Term A.D. 1827
State of Indiana Hendricks Circuit Court Term in the Hendricks County Year of our Lord One Thousand, eight hundred and twenty-seven
The Grand Jurors for the State of Indiana, empanneled, sworn and charged to enquire within and for the body of the said County of Hendricks, in the name and by the authority of the State of Indiana upon the oath present, that Samuel K. Barlow late of the said county of yeoman not having the fear of God before his eyes but being moved and seduced by the devil on the sixteenth day of October in the year of our Lord, One thousand eight hundred and twenty-six, with force and armed at the County of Hendricks aforesaid in and upon one George Matlock feloneously, wilfully and unlawfully did make an assault and that the said Samuel K. Barlow with a certain axe of the value of two dollars, which he the said Samuel K. Barlow in both his hands then and there held the said George Matlock in and upon the hinder and upper part of the right thigh of him the said George Matlock then and there feloneously, willfully and unlawfully did strike giving unto him the said George Matlock, then and there with the said axe by the stroke aforesaid in manner aforesaid in and upon the hinder and upon part of the thigh of him, the said George Matlock one mortal wound of the length of five inches and the depth of four inches of which mortal wound he, the said George Matlock, on and from the sixteenth day of October aforesaid, did languish and languishingly did live, until and upon the twenty-fifth day of October, in the year last aforesaid towit, at the County of Hendricks, aforesaid, and then and there that is to say, on the said twenty-fifth day of October, in the year last aforesaid, at the county aforesaid, he, the said George Matlock of the mortal wound aforesaid died. And so, the Jurors aforesaid, upon their oath aforesaid, in the manner and by the authority aforesaid do say that, that the said Samuel K. Barlow hit the said George Matlock in manner and by the means aforesaid, feloneously and unlawfully did kill and slay, contrary to the form of the Statute in which case made and provided, and against the peers and dignity of the State of Indiana.
James Whitcomy
Prosecuting Attorney for the Fifth Judicial Circuit
And afterwards to-wit, on the twenty-fourth day of February in the year of our Lord, One Thousand eight hundred and twenty-seven came James Whitcomb, attorney Prosecuting the Pleas of the State of Indiana in the behalf, and the said Samuel K. Barlow in his own proper person, and being arraigned upon the indictment aforesaid, for plea thereto said he is not guilty, and for trial thereof puts himself upon the County and Whitcomb doth the like and thereupon, the said Samuel K. Barlow together with James Logan and John Cook and acknowledge themselves to owe and be indebted to the State of Indiana in the sum of three hundred dollars each to be levied of their respective goods and chattels lands and tenements if default be made in the condition following to-wit: that the said Samuel K. Barlow be and appear before the Judges of the Hendricks Circuit Court on the first day of their next term and answer to an indictment for manslaughter and not depart the Court without leave and this cause is continued until next term.
And afterwards to-wit, on the day and year last aforesaid comes as were Whitcomb who prosecutes in the behalf as the said defendant in his own proper person, and being arraigned upon the said indictment for plea thereto says he is not guilty in manner and form as he stands charged. Therein and for trial puts himself upon the county and the said James Whitcomb, attorney prosecuting the pleas of the State of Indiana in his behalf and the like. Therefore the Sheriff is commanded that he cause a jury to come and thereupon came the jurors of the jury to-wit: Jesse Canada, William Faught, Harmon Hall, Philip Kuntz, Edmund Cooper, James McClure, Jason Homan, Daniel B. Tryon, Aden Ballard, Thomas Lockhart, William Buskart(?) and Samuel Hopkins, twelve good and lawful men of Hendricks County, who being elected, tried and sworn to and truly to try the issue joined between the State of Indiana, and the said Samuel K. Barlow after the evidence, retired to their room under the charge of John Hannah a sworn officer of this court. 
And afterwards to-wit on the twenty-fifth day of August in the year last aforesaid, comes the defendent in his own proper person and the Jury aforesaid come into Court and upon their oath do say we of the Jury find the defendent guilty as charged in the indictment, and as judge that he be imprisoned in the state prison at hard labour, for the term of one year, and assess his fine at one cent. And now comes the defendent and his counsel, and moves the court for a new trial which is overruled and thereupon the defendent files his two several bills of exception in the words and figures following to-wit:
STATE OF INDIANA VS. Indictment for Manslaughter
Be it remembered that on the 2nd day of the Hendricks Circuit Court the above cause came on for trial and hearing and a Jury being empanelled and sworn one Thomas J. Matlock was produced and sworn on the part and behalf of the State of Indiana, and after being examined in chief by the Attorney for the state defendant by his counsel on the cross examination of said witness asked him if the deceased mentioned in said indictment had not told the witness a few days previous to the day on which the wound was given by the defendant that he the deceased had just returned from the southern country and that he had left his saddle bags at the house of his mother some eight or ten miles from the residence of the family of the said deceased, when the said wound was afterwards given at the same time of leaving said saddlebags, informing his mother that she must have his saddlebags ready at a minute's warning, for that he, the deceased, would probably have to leave the country in haste, which question the court on motion of the attorney for the state would not allow said witness to answer on such cross examination to which the defendant by his counsel, except and asked that the same might be signed and sealed and made a part of the record in this case which is done accordingly.
And be it remembered further that on the trial of the above cause, that the defendant set up as a justification that if said blow and wound caused the death of the deceased, was given at all it was given in the defense of the wife and family of the deceased who were in imminent danger of losing their lives or of receiving some bodily harm from the deceased, who was at the time the blow was given beating the wife as alledged by the defendant with a dangerous weapon and that he was called on by the family, while the deceased was beating his wife, to come in and take deceased off under this defense the said defendant produced one David Matlock, and offered to prove to the Court and jury by said David N. Matlock, witness that the deceased two days previous to the blow and wound being given that he the deceased told witness he meant to drive his wife from his house from which house the said deceased had been absent for a year, and had just returned, to the country not to his house, and if she would not leave he would whip her to the halter, and offered to prove other threats of the deceased relative to his family, wife and the defendant, made previous to the day on which the blow was given were then and there offered to be proved by the defendant witnesses which testimony under the above defense, the Court on motion of the attorney for the state refused to permit said testimony to go to the jury to which the said defendant by counsel excepts and prays that the same, as well as the fact above mentioned may be signed, sealed and made a part of the record in this cause, which is done accordingly.
Samuel K. Barlow asked for a new trial for the following causes:
Verdict is against law and evidence
The Court excluded legal evidence offered by the defendant's counsel
Two of the jurors were on the grand jury that found indictment herein
A new trial was denied and Barlow was ordered to pay his fine of one cent to the State and to be imprisoned for one year of hard labor in the State Prison.
The following letter was supposedly written to the greatgrandmother of Mr. Thomas Matlock who sent a copy of it to me. If the letter was written to Anna Young Matlock, wife of George Matlock, it seems odd that her brother's name was Howell. Can anyone explain this ?JNA
Bethany, Mo. April 2/76 (1876)
Dear Sister
I received your letter the third day after it was written which found us all well but was sorry to hear of your misfortune. I think that I will start there about the 20th of this month if nothing happens. I would of started sooner but we are having the worst weather I ever saw in my life for the time of the year. More snow fell last week than we had all winter and yesterday it began to rain and the waters are high and the roads are imposible for teams therefore I will have to wait until the weather settles before I can start. I have not saw any of Crises family since I wrote my last letter but I hear that Betty is poorly and can hardly walk round the house to do anything. If you should get this letter in time for me to get answer from you, please let me know what point to get off on the Mississippi & Ohio Railroad to come to your town or what road Bloomington is on. Please write immediately to oblige yours
M.E. Howell to G.A. Medlock.
WILLIAM and wife MARY ELIZA MATLOCK, Shown in 1830 Franklin Co., Tn. Went to Miss. early. William died before 1840. They had children: James Madison, John D., Sarah, William H., Letha Jane, Thomas J., Andrew J., Charles H. and Mary A.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1776 shown in Carroll Co., Tn. 1830. Wife Nancy b. ca 1778 in N.C. still shows in Carroll Co. 1850. William shown as senior in estate settlement 1834. Nancy was named administrator. This William seems to be the one shown in Stewart Co. 1820, From census records and estate records he seems to have had 2 sons, John and H. One daughter was Melinda Billingsley.
WILLIAM MATLOCK, will filed November term 1825 Madison Co. Tn. Will signed (by mark) November 1825. Will asks that his children be carried to Missouri State Washington Co. and left in the care of Williarn Stewart. The three children were named as William, Isham and Matilda.
WILLIAM, shown 1830 Claiborne Co., Tn. A Sarah lived next door.
WILLIAM, married 30 Dec. 1885 Stone Co., Mo. Linda Yates (she was under age at time of marriage).
WILLIAM, b. 1760-1770, son of Nicholas and Elizabeth Terrell Matlock. Fought in American Revolution. Received a land grant in Davidson Co. Tn. Married Mary Simpson. According to a grandson they had 7 sons and 3 daughters. From will, marriage records, etc. these children seem to be: Nicholas, m. Henrietta Binkley; William m. Mary Berry; John m. Polly Fuqua; Gabriel m Elizabeth; James m. A.M.; Simpson m. Mariah Shumate; Lavina m. Goodloe Stanfield; Sarah m. Andrew Hartman ; Mary m. James H. Stewart; and Benjamin . Benjamin and William were deceased before the will mentioned above was filed in 1848. Two grandchildren, Gabriel and Margaret Matlock were mentioned in the will in addition to heirs of Benjamin Matlock.
WILLIAM, son of William above. In her application for pension for service of her husband, Mary Berry Matlock stated that she married William 27 Jan. 1819 Territory of Arkansas, Hempstead Co. She stated that he died 14 Jan. 1827 at Fishers Prairie, Ark. In 1850 Mary is shown in Davidson Co., Ark. in the household of Alex Buchanan who obviously married her daughter. James Matlock signed affadavit for her on her bounty land claim.
WILLIAM MADLOCK, married 10 Feb. 1817 in Madison Co., Ala. Nancy Stewart. Chancery Record B. p. 25, original bill filed 14 Mar. 1822 states that Nancy Stewart married a Matlock who lived with her a short time and left her. She was the widow of Dr. Isaac Stewart who had left 640 acres to be divided among his heirs.
WILLIAM, shown 1870 Hood Co., Texas, shows wife, Mary and the following children: Benjamin b. ca 1848; Lucy b. ca 1853;Davis b. ca 1854; Jefferson b. ca 1856 and Jacob b. ca 1858 all in Tenn. According to the census record William was b. ca 1822 Tn. and wife, Mary b. ca 1830 in Tn. Not in Hood Co. 1880 but another William from Tn. is.
WILLIAM MEDLOCK, b. ca 1821 Tn. according to 1850 census of Franklin Co. Ark. (John and Polly also in this county. A John and Polly Fuqua m. 1820). Wife is shown as Sophronia b. ca 1831 Tn. Children shown: Francis F. (fernale) b. ca 1844 Ark.; Eliza J. 1847 Tn.: and Dorinda C. b. 1849/50 Ark. (Nathaniel of Knox Co., Tn. 1850 also had a Dorinda C.)
'WILLIAM, b. ca 1823 in Ga. according to 1850 Randolph Co., Ga. Census. Wife is shown as Caroline b. ca 1826 in Ga. Children shown were: Florida, Emily, John and M.L. (female) (Note: must be connected to the Stephen Matlock group! Florida was the common name in this family group. Two Floridas later came to Texas).
WILLIAM, b. 11 Apr. 1795, m. 23 Dec. 1817 to Sarah (Dodson?) Father was probably John, mother Eleanor McPherson. Lived in Grainger, Roane and McMin Co's. Tn. Died 20 Dec. 1844. Children were: Lucinda, Mrtha, John Jackson, Sarah Ann, Ruth Lane, Charles LaFayette and Nancy L.
WILLIAM, b. 3 Dec. 1762 Henry Co., Va. son of David and Margaret Matlock. Married Catherine Sevier, dau. of Valentine and Joannah Goad Sevier. Children of William and Catherine were: John, Valentine, Lucinda, Mary, Margaret, David C., George W., Catherine, Joannah, Minerva, James, Elizabeth and William C.
WILLIAM, shown in Co. H. 3rd. Mo. Cav. as a Pvt. CSA. Also shown in this company is Elijah L.
WILLIAM, shown in Co. G. 8th Mo. Inf. as a Pvt. (he is also shown as Medlock).
WILLIAM, b. ca 1826 in Mo. (?). He married Nancy Shields and they had ten children nine of whom were: Amanda, Sarah A., Evaline, John I., A.J., Artilla, William T., Mary J, and Eliza P. He went to the west (?) 1849. Died age 49 in 1875.
WILLIAM MATLACK, b. 12 Feb. 1690, m. 1713 Ann Antrim. Son of William and Mary Hancock Matlack. Died 25 July 1730. Children according to will: Jeremiah, William, Rebecca, Lee and Rachel.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1856, son of Absolom and Nancy Ann Dugan Matlock. Wife Sarah A. The 1880 census of Jack Co., Texas shows the following children; Martha, Sarah E. and Ruth J. Probably more born after this census. Absolom and wife came to Texas from Polk Co., Tn.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1848, son of Alfred M. and Sophronia, shown in 1850 census of Clark Co., Ark. William is shown as born in Ind.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1798 in Buncombe Co., N.C. Enlisted War of 1812 from Carter Co., Tn. Married (1) Ruth Rockhold and had the following children. Elcana D. (male), Eveline T., Jane, James and Sarah Phiney. He remarried in 1844 in White Co., Tn. - Susan Menefee. Reportedly he was a large slave trader. According to a newspaper account the house he built is still standing in White Co. Stories were told that he was a very wealthy man and on one occasion he was tortured by robbers trying to get information as to where his money was hidden. According to the account, three different doors of the interior of the house were battered with gun butts as the looters made their search for Matlock's gold. The door of the north front room was damaged most since this was the room in which Matlock had attempted to conceal himself. These damaged doors remain in evidence of the tragic disposition the times (Civil War). Matlocks attackers were about to pull out his toenails as a means of getting him to reveal where his money was hidden in the nick of time a servant girl came to report that soldiers were approaching. The looters attempted to escape but several were killed. William died in Georgia in 1864.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1812, son of James and Sarah Matlock. Married 6 August 1835 in Dickson Co., Tn. E.M. (Maria) Acuff. Children according to 1850 census: R.P., Wm. M., Sarah J., Indiana, Elizabeth and John J. He left a will dated 1854. Children were mentioned but not named.
WILLIAM (H) MEDLOCK, b. I ca 1794 in S.C., wife Elizabeth b. ca 1794. Lived 1850 Hopkins Co., Ky. Children: Drusilla, Kitturia, Elizabeth, Mary Ann, John H., Ally J. and William H. Mary Ann (Jacobs), John H., Ally J. (Ellis) and William H. went to Missouri.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1813, son of Isham and Nancy Ellen Hale (Haile?). Married Lydia Mckenney (McKinny?). Children: James Isom (Isham ?), Emily (Emmalie), John Franklin, Docia Ann, Elizabeth Strange, Jessie (male), Laura, Henry Columbus, Thomas Buckingham and Lucy
Descendants of WILLIAM (BILLY) MATLOCK (pertains to the above William)
submitted by Mrs. Doyle Slaten of Longview, Texas and Ann Wirfs of California
WILLIAM (BILLY) MATLOCK, son of Isham and Nancy Ellen Hale, and brother to Melba Wood's John, was born 18 November, 1813. He married Lydia McKenney and they had ten children:
James Isom born 1847 married Kate Saladin, had two sons, Frank and Harrison, and four daughters. Emmalie born 1848 married Dorsey Towell and had one son, Doss. Jessie born 1849 died young
John Franklin born 1850 married Lydia Epsworth and had six children: John, Dee, Evert, Jane, Ellen and Nell
Dosia Ann born 1853 married (1) William White and had one son, Tom. Married (2) William Miller and had two children: Ollie and Bill
Elizabeth (Betsy) born 1856 married Stephen Edwards and had four children: Luke, Doss, Ralph and Molly
Henry Columbus born 1859 married Laura Furling and had five boys: Ferd, Lee, Tommy, Herman and Brewer
Thomas Buckingham born 1862 married Amanda Jane Cane in 1881 and had ten children: Ola, Luther, Ethel Naomi, Lutitia, Frances, Alice, William and Walter
Laura Victoria born 1865 married Frank Craig and had one son, Marion and three girls- Eula, Pearl and Effie
Lucy born 1868 married Wesley Barnes and had four children: Doss, Charley, Oliver and Lucy.
THOMAS BUCKINGHAM (No. 8 above) married Amanda Jane Cane and had:
Oldridge (Ola) Mitchel born June 20, 1882, Married Bessie May Martin December 22, 1908 and had seven children
John Luther born 1884 married Lura Lewis and had four children: Boy baby died; Reble Marie, Luther, Monroe and Pauline Lura
Naomi May born March 2, 1886 died at 1 1/2 years
Mary Ethel born October 15, 1838 married Frank Howard and had five children: Winifred Amanda, Burnard Thomas, Frank Alexander, Norman Charles and Layman Carl
Lutitia born December 3, 1890 married Fred H. Kenney and had four children: Maud Naomi, Mable Bell, Thelma Marie, Fred Howard
Edwina Bell born September 9, 1893 married Elmer Keasling and had two sons: Adrin Elmer and Vernon
Ollie Frances Eugene born February 19, 1896 died Aug. 1916
Alice Dewey born July 10, 1898 married Elmer Ray who died. Two or three children stillborn. She later married Loyd Crawley
William Thomas born May 10, 1903 married Emma _ and had three children: Darle and Alice Marie (who died young) and Emma Jean
Walter Lee born 1904 married Lottie King. No children.
OLDRIDGE (OLA) MITCHEL MATLOCK (No. 1 above) married Bessie May Martin and they had seven children:
Thomas born 1909 died at birth
Naomi Edwina born April 16, 1910 married Edwin A. Haacke April 14, 1928 and had ten children Bessie Jane, Myrtle June, Ruth Evelyn and Reva Elenor (twins), Edwin Wayne, Janet Lucille, Maomi Edwina, Layne August and Lynda Ann (twins) and William Lewis who moved to Texas.
Melvin Thomas born April 17, 1911 married Iva Lucille Boggs on March 9, 1935 and had three children: Barbara Ann, Rebecka Lucille and Melvin Thomas
Ruth Amanda born November 18, 1913 married Roy A. Jones December 19, 1931 and had four children: Ola Evert, Roy Melvin, Almeda Gay and Larry David
Ollie Frances born 1917 married (1) George W. Haacke March 28,1936 and had three children: Robert George (Bob), Richard Lyn and Carolyn Sue. She married (2) Doyle Slaten July 24, 1971
Anna Mae Virginia born Oct. 2, 1924 married Thomas Pierre Wirfs and had four children: Thomas Piere, Patricia Lynn, David Mitchel and James Martin
Melba Lee born April 17, 1933 married Edward Holt and had six children: Sharon Irene, Edward Albert, Steven Wayne, Richard Lee, Melvin Matlock and Lisa Marline.
The information on the above family was submitted by Mrs. Doyle Slaten of Longview, Texas and Ann Wirfs of Califor
WILLIAM, b. ca 1847 in Mo. shown in 1870 census of Robertson Co., Tx. Wife Susie age 20 b. Texas.
WILLIAM MALOCK, married 7 October 1874 Grayson Co., Tx. Annie E. Bowles.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1809 Ky., probably John shown 1850 Carroll Co.,Ark. was his father. Wife was listed as Milla and children shown: West 1835, Sarah 1836, John 1841, William 1843, Margaret 1845 and Elijah 1848 - all born Mo.
WILLIAM MEDLOCK, b. ca 1834 Ky. (Helen Whitson says she thinks this is the one known as "Whig"). His wife was Missouri, b. ca 1839 Mo. They are shown on Texas Co., Mo. census 1870 and 1880. Children shown: James, Martha, William, Spencer, Josiah, L.V. (Victoria) and Walter. A grandson said there was a child named Aggie. William Lee, the son above, was born 3 May 1865, wife Missouri. They had a son William Lee and possibly others.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1833 Tn., probably the son of Luke, Jr. and Eleanor Matlock. Lived in Humphreys Co., Tn. in 1860 with wife, Mary Ann, and son, Ned who was less than a year old at that time.
WILLIAM C., shown in Index of Mobile Co., Ala. in 1840.
WILLIAM CALVIN, b. 1 Aug. 1871 in CassviIle, Barry Co., Mo. son of James (son of Jason, Jr.) and Mary Ann Langley. Married Biddie F. Jeffries, b. 14 June 1870 in Ark. William had a brother, Preston, and a sister Ella who married a Mitchell. His children were: Homer S., b. 2 March 1892, d. Mar 4 1941; Ray Sellers, b. 20 June 1896 died Sept. 1975, Mary Ellen and Gladys Loraine b. 1903 and 1907 respectfully.
WILLIAM DYER, b. 1840 son of William H. and Lucy Elizabeth Moore Matlock. Married 13 March 1864 in Ripley, Tippah Co., Miss. Mary Clementine Thorn. Had children Edward Dyer, John Wm., Lena and may have been others. He died 1901 and is buried in Matlock Cemetery Madison Co., Ala.
WILLIAM, lived in southern Ill. According to a granddaughter whose father was one Christopher Columbus in a letter to Virginia Zeboski stated that her grandfather had 27 children. He was married 3 times and had 13 by his first wife, 13 by the second and 1 (her father) by the last wife. Some of these brothers were: Lonnie, Tilden, Silistine, Henry and Willie who had two sons, John and Leslie who lived somewhere in Mo.
'WILLIAM, married Cornelia Ann Bush and had the following children George Taylor (b. Ill.), Charles Oliver, William Michael, Jim, Will, Sarah and Jane. (Note: this info sent by JoAnn Wanner of Hilo, Hawaii who needs help on this line).
WILLIAM MATLOCK, b. ca 1846 Va. according to 1880 Scotland Co., Mo. Wife was Minerva E. and the following children were listed: Ida A., Lindsay A. and Clyde, all born in Mo. There were probably other children later since Clyde was born 1879.
WILLIAM MEDLOCK, b. ca 1853 Ill. shown in 1880 Scott Co., Mo. census. Wife b. ca 1855 Ill. (name illegible) and the following children were listed: Elizabeth, b. 1875 Mo., Cilestine A. 1876 Mo.; Hattie Janie 1878, Mo.; and Joseph William 1879/80 Mo.
WILLIAM MEDLOCK, b. ca 1820 Tn. according to 1880 census of Scott Co., Mo. (see above). Shown in his household were: Amelia, b. 1857 Mo. (could be new wife); Columbus b. Ill. Alexair, b. Ill. Celistine b. Mo. Ellen b. Mo. (NOTE: This sure looks like the William above who reportedly had 27 children. Same census shows a Jerry b. 1850 Ill.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1827 N.Y. according to 1860 Rock Island Co., Illinois census. Wife shown as Sarah (an older woman Margaret Andrews in household). One child, Frances b. June 25, 1859/60 also in house.
WILLIAM MATLOCK, b. Aug. 1759, son of Timothy, Jr. had sons Timothy and James (b. 1791).
WILLIAM, b. 5 Jan. 1830 son of George and Margaret. Died 26 Dec. 1906 in Greenfield, Green Co., Illinois. Buried North Cemetery.
WILLIAM MEDLOCK, shown Index 1840 Burke Co., N.C.
WILLIAM, b. ca 1822. Lived Roane Co., Tn. where he married 10 Dec. 1844 Margaret Persallie (Purseley, etc.). Information indicates that he was the son of Jesse and Eleanor (Ellender) McPherson. William is shown in Yell Co., Ark. in 1850 and 1860. He is shown in Hood Co., Tx. in 1880. His children: Martin Cleveland, James P., Jesse, John, Richard, Thomas and Lucinda.
WILLIAM SR., b. 1750's, d. 1829 Ind. Lived in Roane Co., Tn. then to Ind. early. Children: Mary, Thomas, James D., John, William, Jr., David, Rosannah, Joannah, George, Jesse and Nancy.
WILLIAM JR., Son of above.
WILLIAM ARMSTRONG, b. 24 June 1816 Overton Co., Tn. (part that is now Clay). Married 1839 Elizabeth Walthall. Son of David and Martha Armstrong Matlock. When he was 6 yrs. old moved to Cumberland Co., Ky. and in 1846 to Van Buren, Ark. His wife, Elizabeth died in 1846 of Cholera in New Orleans. By her he had one child, William Jasper. In 1854 he married Harriet Stewart and by her had: Elizabeth Frances, Stephen Talkington, Keturah Anne, Martha Ellen, Edgar Lee, Letitia Cain, Jesse David, William Hector, Lillie May and Albert Sidney.
WILLIAM A. MATLOCK - From History of Northwest Arkansas; 1889 Goodspeed: Crawford County, Ark. Matlocks pp 1172. (pertains to the William above)
WILLIAM A. MATLOCK, farmer, was born 24 June, 1816 in Overton Co. Tn., one mile from the Kentucky line, and is a son of David C., and Martha D. (Armstrong) Matlock. The father was born in Buncombe Co., N.C. 4 April 1793 (?JNA). He was a soldier in the War of 1812 under Andrew Jackson, whom he greatly admired, and participated in the battles of Talledega, Horseshoe and Tallahoochie. When young he went to Tennessee on pack-horses, and his father buying land of John Sevirs (Sevier - JNA) they proceeded to make a home in the wilderness. From 1822 to 1845 he lived in Ky., working at the shoemaker's trade in connection with farming and in 1846 he bought land in Crawford County, where Logtown is now located, remaining until his death at the age of 79.
William Matlock, the grandfather, was born in Henry Co., Va. on Plumb Creek, from there went to N.C. and from there to Tenn. He subsequently moved to Overton Co. where he died. He was a soldier in the Cherokee War. Catherine (Sevier -- JNA) Matlock the grandmother was reared in N.C, and died in Overton Co., Tn. John Armstrong the maternal grandfather, was born in N.C. and during the Rev. served as Major, being a field officer in the Battle of Saratoga, under Gen. Gates. He died in Batesville,. Ark. (I have proof he died in Ky. JNA). His wife, Letitia, died in Tenn.
WILLIAM, married 13. Feb. 1817 Ruth Atkerson in Henry Co., Tennessee.
WILLIAM F., b. 20 Apr. 1847 in Dade Co., Mo. married 7 March 1867 in Lane Co., Oregon Ann (Nancy) Swaggart. Was the son of Edward Lane and Susan Frye Matlock and was the father of Nellie, Wesley N. and William T.
WILLIAM H., b. ca 1836. 1880 census Stone Co. shows he was born ca 1845 but tombstone says died 1922 age 86. Married (1) Elizabeth (?) and had William Henry, James T. and Matilda. Married (2) Mary Jane Loomis and had Charles H., Pearl, Sarah Frances, Jesse and Bernie.Many descendants lived in Oklahoma. He fought in the Civil War and reportedly had a brother James. Parents are unknown by my correspondent.
WILLIAM H., b. 23 August 1813 Ky., son of Absolom M. and Hannah Moore Matlock. Does not show on later records. One son according to family tradition went West and he seems to be the only one not accounted for.
WILLIAM H., b. ca 1841 Davidson Co., Tn, son of Gabriel and Elizabth Matlock. Taken from 1850 census records only.
WILLIAM HENRY, (one record shows Houston) b. ca 1818 Tn, son of William and Mary Elizabeth Matlock. Married Lucy E, Moore in Franklin Co., Tn. His parents went to Miss. early but he is shown in Franklin Co., Tn. 1850, 1860, etc. One child was born in Miss., the others in Tn. Their children: William Dyer, James Lewis, Mary Elizabeth (b. Miss.), John Jefferson, Henry Hamilton, Robert Lewis, Ella, Lucy Moore, Charles Morgan, Jefferson Carter and Ann Elizabeth.
WILLIAM ISAAC, b. ca 1846 Tn., son of Nathaniel and Jane Medlock. Wife Mary Frances b. ca 1854 Mo. They are shown 1880 census of Webster Co., Mo. with children Thomas b. ca 1874 and Nancy b. ca 1878. Other children named by a descendant: Samuel (Thomas?) Bart, William, Nora, Betty, Dollie, Martha, George and Mollie Ethel.
WILLIAM J., b. ca 1834 Tn. shown 1850 census Davidson Co., Tn. in the household of Hatty.
WILLIAM LANE, b. 21 March 1850 Benton Co., Tn. son of John W. and Elizabeth Flowers Matlock. Married Nancy Alexander 21 April 21, 1867. Children: William Lane, Jr., Jess Alexander, Fannie May and Charles Whitman.
WILLIAM LEE, b. 15 Sept. 1810 Ind., son of David and Agnes Lee Matlock. Married 19 Jan. 1836 Nancy Hadley. Their children: David M., James Thompson, Jessie T. (female), Julia A., Allen Reeves, Mary J. and William L.
WILLIAM M., shown Co. B. Perkins Btn. Mo. Pvt. In this same: group were Daniel G. and James T.
WILLIAM M., b. ca 1819 (some records say Ky., others say Tn. Wife Nancy E. Children: Margaret D., Eliza F., John A., Josiah J. and William A. William M. I died 25 July 1854.
WILLIAM M., b. 16 Oct. 1843 Hancock Co. Tn., son of Johnson and Dorothy Matlock (her maiden name was also Matlock). Went to Indiana in 1859. Served the Union during the Civil War. After the War he returned to Hancock Co., Tn. but went back to Jackson Co. Ind. in 1887. In 1866 he married Mrs. Tabitha (Carter) Lewis widow of Martin Lewis. She had two children by Mr. Lewis and by William M. Matlock had: Nancy, Mary, Nellie Ann, Josephine, James Horton, Matilda, Neal, (M.D.) and Houston, (M.D.)
WILLIAM PARKS (BUCK) MEDLOCK, b. 6 June 1837 in Gwinnett Co., Ga son of John Williams and Sarah Jemison Ware Medlock. Married 27 Aug. 1861 Vilenah Antoinette Mason. During the War Between the States he served under General Hood, Company K, 42nd Regt. of Georgia and was in the Battle of Resaca and the Battle of Nashville where he was wounded in both hands. He was mustered from the army in 1865 and he signed the oath to the union at Sandersville, Ga. Children were: John Pinckney who died in infancy; William Vilenah (female); Ida Ann; Charles Oscar; Jessie Istalena; Hugh Mason; Sarah Maude Ella; Madge Antoinette and James Wade. His first wife died August 10, 1885. He married Susan W. Kittredge on October 27, 1886. William Parks Medlock died of pneumonia on March 25, 1903.
WILLIAM R., b. 24 July, 1823 in Perry Co., Ala.?, son of Thomas H. Matlock (son of Williarn, Sr. - Roane Co., Tn. and Ind.) and Elizabeth Rodgers Matlock. They lived in Clarke Co., Ala. Went to Texas in the 1830's. He married Mary A. King b. Perry Co., Ala. They had the following children: Thomas b. ca 1848, d. age 59; Mariah; Emma; William. and Joseph Graham. William R. served in the Confederate Army Co. 1, 4th Texas Cavalry this being the famous and gallant brigade of Sibley. He participated in the Battles of Yellow Bayou and Donaldsonville, La. He was stricken with a severe fever in 1864 and was forced to return home (Houston Co., Tx.) where his death occurred on February 8, 1864.
WILLIAM T., b. ca 1842, son of Smith S. and Rebecca Matlock (son of Moore, Jr.). In Carroll Co., Ark. 1850 and 1860. Was in Bell Co., Texas,1870 and 1880. His children according to census records were: Fannie, Willie, Thomas and Hugh. Wife was Arminda B.
WILLIAM T., b. 4 Dec. 1822. Wife Arabella Williams. Children: James S.S., Mary V. and Lonzo J. (Mo. Archives - live birth records).
WILLIAM VANDEVER MATLACK, (from History of Kern Co., Calif.), b. Feb. 20, 1859 in Philadelphia, Pa., son of John R. and Lydia Vandever Matlack. Served as a member of Congress from Ventura Co. Went to Ca. in 1887 and lived in Monrovia before settling 1889 in Bakersfield. He worked for SP RR as: assistant, as chief clerk and as agent before joining the Bank of Bakersfield in 1908 and Security Trust Co. in 1911. He married Margaret V. Mendenhall in Philadelphia and they had five daughters, Florence, Edith, Lydia, Mary and Ellen.
WILLIAM TYNDALL, b. 4 Feb. 1806 in Roane Co., Tn., son of John and Eleanor Matlock. Married 8 Sept, 1825 in Hendricks Co., Ind. Elizabeth Jane "Betsey" Ballard b. 9 Mar, 1807 Highland Co. Ohio. Their children: Louisa, b. 1839 Hendricks Co. Ind.; (all children b. Ind.) Ellen; Noah Noble, Amanda Jane; Clinton; Theodore J.; Alonzo and Almira Marice. William Tyndall was shown in 1850 census of Clackamas, Oregon. He died 19 Sept., 1872 and his wife died 12 Apr. 1884, both in Oregon.
WILLIAM TRAVIS, b. 7 Oct. 1948 Center, Shelby Co., Tx.; married 6 Jan. 1968 Mildred Sue Lunsford. He was killed in Viet Nam 12 June 1969 and buried 23 June Sunset Memorial Park, Nacogdoches, Texas. His parents were 0.R. and Billie Juanita Matlock.
WILLIE, b. 1865 Texas (Bell Co.) son of William T. (Tom) and Arminda Matlock. Shown in 1870 and 1880 census Bell Co., Tx.
WYLIE, married 8 August, 1837 Nancy Curtis. Shown in 1840 census of Blount Co., Tx.